Women’s Fashion and Clothing

Women’s Fashion and Clothing

The fashion industry is a powerhouse of creativity and innovation. We spend billions of dollars every year on clothes, shoes, accessories, and other products that make our wardrobe unique. Women's fashion is a powerful social indicator with a history rooted in the emancipation movement from the late 1800s to today.

Get tips about how you can dress for your shape, budget, occasion and lifestyle with this blog post!

What to wear:

What women wear when they go out is a topic of fascination to most women and men, with women asking friends and family for advice on what to put on more often than any other topic. This is a guide that will hopefully answer the question 'what women should be wearing?' by guiding women in how to dress themselves.

                First, women need to decide what they want from their outfit. Is it going out clubbing? To a barbeque? On holiday? These are all different outfits, so women should plan accordingly. A hoodie may not be appropriate clubbing gear but would work well for a barbecue or beach trip. Women can get away with almost anything at a barbeque, from shorts and a t-shirt to a formal dress, but women should always dress in line with the occasion. If women are unsure, they can ask women friends or family for advice on what women should be wearing.

                The next thing women need to think about is how much skin they want to show off. Usually, women should aim not to reveal their stomachs or chests when out at night (the exception being if women are happy with it), however this is usually acceptable during the day and when clubbing. Women shouldn't feel pressured into showing more flesh than they want; after all women shouldn't be judged by what women wear (unless that's part of the criteria). Wearing clothes that make women feel good about themselves will probably make them feel more confident, which women should remember when women are deciding what women should be wearing.

                Women should think about their shoes before women get dressed to go out, as women don't want to have to run or dance in impractical footwear. Flat shoes are the safest choice for women who are going clubbing, while open sandals can work both day and night. If women are unsure again, women could ask friends or family for advice on what women should be wearing to show off their style.

                When it comes to jewelry, women should ensure that they're not wearing too much. A necklace will look good with almost any outfit while bracelets may only suit certain styles of clothing. The same applies for rings; women don't want women's nails to get caught in things, so women should wear rings sparingly. Women can always ask women friends or family for advice on what women should be wearing with their jewelry if women are still unsure.

                Finally, women should think about any accessories that women will need while women are out. A purse containing money and other essentials is a must, while women may also want to bring makeup bags containing lipstick and the like if women are planning to re-apply throughout the night. Speedy application is best during the day compared to clubbing, where reapplication takes more time due to lighting conditions. Women could even wear false eyelashes, though this might make applying coats of mascara more difficult unless women do women's makeup while women are still in women's houses. For women who want to go out without having to carry a bag, women could get their hands on women clutch purses that women can use instead of a regular purse. Women should always be aware of how much money they're spending and if women take credit cards women may also want to make sure women have the appropriate ID. Going out with too little or too much money could result in problems, so women should think carefully before deciding what women should be wearing.

                The last thing for women to consider is comfort. If an outfit isn't comfortable, it doesn't matter what other features it has; until women change into something more comfortable it will feel horrible and no amount of style will change women's minds. Women should think about women's clothing choice and women can also ask women friends or family for their opinion. If women are going to a club, women may want to choose a more comfortable outfit that they can dance in without fear of ruining women's clothes. When choosing what women wear for the day or night women should consider how cold it will be outside and any elements women might have to deal with before deciding on what women should wear.


How to dress for work:

In the business world women have a lot more freedom in what they can wear.  In most cases women are able to select from a wider range of options than men, but women need to also remember that their appearance in the workplace carries more weight and is something they should approach with caution.

What women do not want when dressing for work:

Dressing overly provocatively - Avoid skirts that are too short or dresses too low cut.  It may be hard to avoid this when you start your new job but dress somewhat conservatively until you know how women dress at this company. You don't want to stand out because you're wearing sexy clothes, but you also want to look professional and attractive!

Dressing in an unprofessional manner - This means no sandals, leggings, or capri pants.  While women may be able to get away with this at other companies women need to remember that this is a formal setting.

What women do want when dressing for work.

Looking good and confident men will notice!  Do not dress like you don't care about what you're wearing- look nice yet professional. Make the best of your wardrobe by remembering these tips:

Wear clothes that fit correctly- nothing too baggy or too tight. It's a fine line, but women know their body type and should keep it in mind while choosing their outfits for work.

Avoid white clothing- women who wear a lot of white clothing may look like they work in the kitchen or are cooks. Stick to black, grays, and other darker colors so women look more professional.

Use makeup- women shouldn't go overboard but women should put on some makeup before heading off to work so they look put together and do not need to worry about their face throughout the day.

Remember these helpful tips that women can use when dressing for work!  Dressing for work may seem hard at first because it can be very formal, but once you get used to it you'll find yourself looking forward to the next morning when you show up rocking your stylish outfit!


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